What are the uses of a survival knife

By | January 28, 2016

An ordinary knife isn’t fit enough to face the rough challenges Mother Nature puts up in front of you. There are many instances in which I’ve seen people coming out of a far-away island or the forest of amazon alive even after losing the direction. Their breathtaking stories are still fresh in my memory. Into the wild, without your GPS system, cellphone, gun or food, you’re just as helpless as a kid without its mother. A versatile weapon like survival knife attached can alone boost your confidence to fight against the odds.

As a Woodcutter

A survival knife is something no woodcutter should be without. Flat, long handle knives are a worthy replacement of axe or hatchet. When it comes to splitting solid wood, cutting thickets or saplings, it can be a reliable gear. This technique is also known as batoning. You can use a piece of wood as millet, place the knife over it and pound the back of the knife with a solid wooden stick to cut the wood. Apply the same method to divide logs into several sections. Seasoned campers possess a sort of spidey-sense which helps them detect dry firewood instinctively. Create your DIY fireplace in the jungle to keep cold and fierce animals away.

Lighting the Fire

The primitive technique of fire-making is fascinating for any camper. Although it requires a certain amount of precision over the method, if you manage to master the art, making super-hot sparks even in damp weather won’t be tough. A survival knife allows you to produce tinder from the bark or branch of a tree. Housing a Ferro rod along with Vaseline soaked cotton balls is a way better option than packing a regular lighter. The flatter has the risk of running out of fuel. To create a 3 inches high spark for continuous 2 minutes, use your knife to strike the rod rigorously until it produces tinder. Without fire, it’s almost impossible for anyone to sustain his life in the wilderness or in the cold foothills of a mountain without fire. No wonder why the invention of fire marked the dawn of civilization.

Tool Making

In ancient times, the one-stop solution of almost any problem was fighting duel. Hanging a fixed-blade knife on the belt was a ritual every man followed. In the pre-historic era, men learnt to hunt down animals for their flesh and skin. The use of knife as a survival or hunting weapon hasn’t diminished with the advent of more action-specific tools. In unfavourable conditions, a survival knife empowers you to collect your own food, process them and even cook them in fire. Catching fish with knives instantly reminds us of Survival guru Bear Grylls.


In case you’ve forgotten to pack your metal shovel in hurry, a big fixed-blade knife can perform the task of digging on behalf on it with equal efficiency. If handled with ingenuity, you can dig fire pits, carve out a hole for disposing faeces, dig up worms or edible tubers and etch distress signal on the ground to grab the attention of a rescue helicopter.

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