Olight S1 Baton 500 Lume Cree Compact EDC LED Flashlight Review

By | June 21, 2016

Olight S1 Baton 500 Lume Cree Compact EDC LED Flashlight Review With some pieces of equipment appreciation takes a while. Charms and edges are subtle, and just appear over an extended period of use. With others, their positive qualities are apparent and instant. Virtually from the moment you begin using it, you recognize and enjoy using it.

For myself I was using the Olight S1 Baton. After I receive this LED flashlight and put the battery in it, I knew I like it. This is a light that is fantastic. It is less a case of consistent excellence in just about any class of perfection than one. The things that are so good and are major, and the things that are great are not so bad that, in some ways, I believe that they could not be enhanced.

Obviously, Irrational thoughts, but any time a product creates such thoughts I believe it is worthwhile to stay up and give consideration. The Olight S1 Baton is a high-grade piece of kit.

Olight S1 Baton 500 Lume Cree Compact EDC LED Flashlight Review

Read the feature of Olight S1 Baton Review:

  • General Dimensions and Construction

The Olight S1 Baton is 23/8 ¾ broadest point. Using The battery in, it weighs 1.6 oz. Very light, however the weight distribution is so that there is a nice heft for the S1 using the battery in. The S1 Baton rose gold copper, bead blasted titanium or polished, or, like mine, in normal black anodized aluminum or can be found in raw. It uses battery that is 1xCR123a.

The fit and finish of the S1 is totally capable. The Type III anodization looks to be more permanent than the job on my Microstream, and is not dirty. The threads work easily with no play or a breakin period. The blue accents give this incredibly practical-looking design a character that is little without being corny or obtrusive.

The S1 Baton is really named since it includes a magnet within the tail cap which enables you to place it to anything for hands-free use (like a…baton? I do not actually have the naming convention). The magnet is removable, and I believed it was something I would eliminate, but I ended up actually enjoying it before I got it. I keep it stuck to my nightstand lamp easily go searching for it in the centre of the night so it is constantly in the exact same area. A surprisingly useful feature.

The clip of the S1 is a friction fit clip. The clip is focused for ‘tip-up’ carry, if you’ll. Situated the manner it’s, you can clip it to some hat brim for handsfree operation without needing a S style clip. It runs nearly along the light and it is made from steel that is astonishingly thick.

Instead of a conventional reflector, the S1 uses a TIR optic. TIR means Total Internal Reflection. As a journeyman flashoholic I do not comprehend all of the attendant TIR arcana, but I really do realize that it’s assumed to create clean, even beams. I will discuss the performance under, but note here that you could not be aware of how the optic seems of the S1 – I understand I was. It is concave, produced from some sort of polycarbonate, having a raised piece within the center. Not bad, merely uncommon.

  • Output, Runtime, and UI

The specs of the S1 feel quite current months after its release. The a lot of 500 lumens is shocking to find, flaring out of a light this little. I do not understand how useful it’s. I’venot used everything that much for something apart from revealing, but it is pleasant to know that it is there if I ever want it.

Much more useful is low and are moderate at 8 and 80 lumens. The medium setting, for me, is perfect for illuminating the course during nighttime walks. The 8 lumen low is glowing, more than enough for hunting for dropped keys in a parking lot or checking under couches. Olight certainly understood what it was doing, although I was a bit uncertain in the disparity between each one of the modes: these are sensible demarcations, each with their particular uses.

The.5 lumen moonlight low is excellent. It is bright enough to see by, but dim enough not disturb a sleeping partner or panic the cats and to be easy in your eyes. Moonlight lows look like they’re becoming less or more regular features on flashlights, and that I can see why. It is difficult to go back, once you try it.

The only other light I Have combined with a TIR was an Armytek Partner C1, and its ray pattern was spotty and unusually textured. Happily, the pattern of the S1 is clean and fine, even and white. That is what you need within an EDC light all of the time, although considerably more flood throw, clearly.

Runtimes are quite amazing. You receive 1.5 hours on large, 6 hours on medium, 40 hrs on low, and 25 times on moonlight low. I am surprised the medium runtime is not somewhat higher, but it’sn’t depressing and I do not use the medium generally enough to care.

I believe clickies are the greatest UI. They ease one-handed operation much better than twisties and, when performed nicely, are not equally unintuitive. The side button of the S1 is ran well. One-click turns the light on within the last setting. Keeping it down cycles through the levels. Strobe is while on turned on by clicking the button three times. While the light is off moonlight is accessed by you by holding down the button. Likewise, you can leap while the light is off by double pressing the button. Easy.

There are two concealed timer modes, one for three minutes plus one for eight units, that may be obtained. I have never used them, and not will. I don’t have any problem with them being around if they are enough concealed, although I discover these hidden modes to be worthless on any light.

  • Ergonomics and Carry

The S1 is not so much large as it’s not long. This can be a brief, short light. It’s practically difficult to keep onto: the checkered texturing to the aluminum is not grippy, nor will be the anodization. The aforementioned weightiness keeps in place, and the flats of the hex-bolt collar give a place to crimp it to you. It reaches adequate grippiness through balance instead of texturing.

Before I acquired the S1 I’d heard terrible things about the clip. I was decided to come with an open mind to it. This clip is not extremely good. I mentioned previously that it is not thin. It is also tight. I ‘d to fight with this thing to get when I did the rotund S1 taken a surprisingly great deal of pocket space, and it clipped to my jeans. Retrieval is a whole other chore. The angle at which the clip makes pulling outside this light and the retention notch feel like you are wrestling with a misaligned zipper. Horrible, awful clip. Thank God it is removable.

With no clip, the S1 is wieldy. It’s not long, which is fine, but chunky, which isn’t. Pocket carry is possible, coin pocket carry also, but nothing felt perfect. I am just ruined in the svelte AAA lights I Have taken up until now, but I believe its rotundity is a function of the kind of battery it takes, although I do wish it were narrower.

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Olight S1 Baton

Olight S1 Baton Customer Reviews

Average Amazon Rating: 4.8

It is great product i have ever used that the last 5 flashlights has been big ones 4-6 18650 batteries 5000+ lumens. When I saw the S1 I was curious to say the least and when it arrive I felt in love instantly. It super small, very bright (for its size) and etremely practical. I use it with an IMR 16340 instead of the CR123 bettery. This is my favorite EDC even tho I have lights slighly bigger and brighter the S1 is my favorite one. Great Olight product!

Olight S1 Baton – Final Summary

I do not purchase lots of flashlights. I average one. The S1 may slow down the speed much more. It gets the important stuff right. It is an excellent representation of the finest that the present generation of torch technology provides, perhaps the greatest representation, and I ‘ve difficulty imagining why I ‘d ever want another light.

I mean, I am confident I am going to get other lights at some point. I Will be damned if I am not going to keep carrying and purchasing other knives too, although the Paramilitary 2 might be all of the knife I Will ever want. But the same as using the PM2, I am convinced the S1 will stay in my collection. It is not too bad not to have around. Whether it is your fiftieth or your first light, the S1 is instantaneously, clearly outstanding.

Olight S1 Baton

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