Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife Review

By | January 26, 2016

Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife A knife is one of the more important pieces of equipment you can have with you in a survival situation. As such, a good, survival appropriate, fixed blade knife is your best choice for inclusion in a survival kit or BOB (Bug Out Bag) or equivalent, and/or to be strapped on when an emergency is likely. In this article, we will consider a contender for “Best Survival Knife”.

Buck is an American knife company founded in 1902. The company was founded by Hoyt Buck and has been a family company for 5 generations.

Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife feels good in your hand and was clearly made to last, and because it was designed by Ron Hood and manufactured by Buck, you can be sure that you are getting a durable, quality knife.





Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife

Read the feature of Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife Review:

The 7″ drop point 5160 steel blade, removable CNC textured Micarta handles, and Forever Warranty of this Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife make it worth every penny of its $116 price tag. Features of this knife include:

  • powder coated blade for corrosion resistance
  • Shock Mitigation System (“SMS”) integrated into the handle to reduce shock and wasted energy
  • secure and comfortable Micarta handles
  • heavy-duty, M.O.L.L.E. compatible, black nylon sheath
  • 0.185 blade thickness


This is a very impressive knife. The edges of the grip panels are unusually square and sharp, but the only grip where I could really “feel” that was the reverse grip and even then it was not too uncomfortable. However, these edges might wear on you during extensive use; if so, perhaps a slight rounding would tame them. There is a nice thumb ramp, but it has no jimping, so is not particularly secure in the saber grip, but the back of it is also ramped, so the Filipino and choke grips are quite comfortable. There is a finger choil, which the edge of the blade runs into; I’ve griped about that in earlier knife reviews, but it is so common these days that you just have to be careful using such knives in the choke grip to avoid slicing your own finger. The edges of the grip are smooth and slippery; the sides are moderately well grooved. Overall, it is fairly slip resistant dry, wet, and with a bit of vegetable oil.


The sheath isn’t bad, much better than the one that came with my BK7.

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Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife

Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife Customer Reviews

Average Amazon Rating: 4.7

I really like the look and feel of the Hood Thug knife. It is an excellent buy. Would recommend it to anyone for a heavy duty blade and possibly adding the late Ron Hood’s Anaconda Tanto blade to this collection. But beware: both of these knives are very heavy duty and not light blades such as a skinning blade. Every knife has it’s own particular use in the woods including these two.


Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife creates quality hunting knives, combat knives, and other versions of pocket knives. And because they serve different purposes, their prices vary greatly. Depending on intended use, the Knives can cost about $120 at amazon. It is worth for you to buy it. I recommend it.

Buck Knives 0070BKSBH Buck Hood Thug Knife

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